FSU senior Rona Akbari gets shoutout from Solange for creating a mashup the internet went crazy for

Solange thanked her personally

Yesterday, superstar musician Solange Knowles asked the internet to create a mashup of the “bad news” scene from The Wiz, and Kanye West’s song “Bad News.”

FSU senior Rona Akbari replied to the tweet with a pretty perfect video response, to which the internet has since gone crazy over.

Solange then replied back to Rona on her Twitter and Instagram, with a caption that launched Rona into legendary internet status.

The video has been viewed over 408,000 times on Instagram and retweeted over 10,000 times on Twitter. About the process of creating the video, Rona said, “The video, aside from being a genius idea from Solange, was really nothing special on my part. I was a mere conduit to this process.

“Yes, I jumped to my laptop as soon as I saw her tweet so I could crank the video out ASAP, but in terms of production it was pretty simple. I guess you could say I finally know what it’s like to be a white male in that I’m being applauded for doing the bare minimum.”

Those who have seen the video, though, think otherwise. Twitter hasn’t stopped raving about the mashup since it was created yesterday.

Rona told The Tab, “The tweet was a calling to me. Solange is my inspiration, my mogul and the reason why I remember to take care of myself – shout out to her song ‘Borderline: An Ode to Self Care.'”

Rona has since had to turn off her Twitter notifications, as the internet has been blowing them up ever since. She adds, “If anyone wants to tweet Solange telling her to hire me as an intern for the summer, please do.”

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