Do you side with Impact or Access?

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Access and Impact have released their platforms and it’s time for the UF Student Body to vote.

The Student Government is currently a hot topic of conversation on campus and there’s no doubt your newsfeed is filled with endless posts.

The parties’ platforms appear to be relatively similar, but when discussing school politics with students involved in government, it often sounds like Impact and Access have two entirely different agendas. They both have excellent proposals, from lobbying for a summer Bright Futures scholarship (Impact) to introducing online voting so iA, PACE, and study abroad students can have a say (Access).

UF has a history of a powerful and influential Student Government – perhaps more extreme than some small towns’ politics – and now it is your turn to cast your vote and have a say in this.

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This quiz was constructed based off of Impact and Access released platforms. Questions were chosen based off issues that had the most clash, as well as random issues on both platforms.

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