BREAKING: Dooley is cancelling classes in White Hall

One freshman’s class has been cancelled twice in two days

Lord James W. Dooley just walked into White Hall and dismissed a Political Science Research Methods class.

This is a scheduled 8:30 am and students got lucky. This is the first time this year, that Dooley has dismissed an 8:30 class.

He quizzed the professor on Emory Trivia by asking him when Emory’s graduating class started wearing caps and gowns?

When the professor couldn’t answer, Lord Dooley gave orders to dismiss class.

Albane Seguin’s class has been cancelled for a second time in two days.

She said: “I was in Anthro 101 at 9 am and Dooley came in! My teacher had to answer a question about Emory and of course got it wrong so class got cancelled.

“But they asked her who helped the civil rights movement on campus in 1982.

“I guess I could’ve slept for another hour!”

 He’s since been spotted in Starbucks – where will he be next?
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