Dooley’s week 2016 has officially begun

My business class has already been cancelled

Everyone’s favorite week of the year has arrived.

Emory has two mascots, our official one is an eagle and the other one is a skeleton called Dooley! Let’s be honest: all of the students only care about Dooley which is why every year in the Spring a whole week is dedicated to him. One person puts on his costume and no one knows who hides behind it. It is the biggest kept secret on campus. He walks around with his guards and so many events happen every day from activities, to wonderful Wednesday to concerts….

Yep! As freshmen we just got our first picture with Dooley!

Why do we love Dooley so much?

Well that’s easy! During this week if students send him a poem he can come to your class, ask the hardest question to your professor and dismiss class if the professor can’t answer the question. Yes indeed, you read right! Dooley even has authority over the professors.

And today, he made the long walk to the Business school to cancel my class. Apparently he never comes up here but my first class of Monday just got way more interesting when my professor was asked to give the date of when the Emory Radio station was founded.

Here’s a sneak peek to what happens when Dooley comes to your class and makes everyone happy:

Dooley interrupts class 

So get your poems going and maybe Dooley will come to your class and cancel it this week… get hyped for this week and DJ Khaled and the Chainsmokers!