Everything you know if you go to Hunter

Never trust the North Building elevators

Many students can agree going to Hunter is a love-hate relationship. It’s not that we don’t love our college, it just gets complicated sometimes. We are immensely lucky to go to school in the city everyone dreams of visiting and living in.

But Hunter is distinct from all the other CUNYs and it definitely has its quirks. And there are definitely certain things Hunter students will be able to relate to.

Classes never get cancelled

Through rain, snow or hail, it’s almost a guarantee that class will still be in session. As you lay in bed hearing that public schools have been closed, you know Hunter is still open. By this point in the semester, you’ve used up all your unexcused absences and you start hating yourself.

There is, of course, the occasional professor who takes mercy on students and decides to cancel class. But if this isn’t the case for you, wear the appropriate attire and pray for better days.

Luckily, during terrible weather the underground entrance comes in handy

If you’re like myself, you only have to run to the train station in the freezing cold, pouring rain or sweltering heat. Once you’re in the train, you’ll stay dry and you’ll probably opt for the underground entrance instead of going back outside to the cement jungle.

Once you’re inside you encounter the escalators or better known as stairs

The escalators don’t ever work properly! Hunter has such a large population that it’s not a rare sight to see the escalators being used like stairs. While we’re on this topic, we’ve all dealt with students who don’t know escalator etiquette. People, the left side is the walking lane while the right side is stationary. Pick a side and don’t cause unnecessary foot traffic.

Taking the North Building elevators can be hit or miss because they love to break down

After we’re all packed in like sardines, the elevator doesn’t move and then we hear the dreaded beep. You silently contemplate whether you should just take the stairs and of course, once you get off, the elevator magically starts moving.

Its lunch time and you know where everyone will be

Everyone and their mother runs to Chipotle for lunch. Sometimes there’s literally a line out the door for delicious bowls and burritos. Good luck, finding a seat.

You’d rather spend your time on the bridge than in class

When school is in full swing, you’ll see students sitting next to each other shoulder to shoulder. We’ve all mastered the way to avoid eye contact and interaction with others by walking on the bridges with our faces buried in our phones. Although it can feel crowded, the night view is beautiful.

Thomas Hunter is a scary place, especially at night

I’ve had my fair share of night classes and Thomas Hunter isn’t my favorite place to have them in. It’s the original building and it definitely looks like it. But the stair case might be the creepiest with its black walls and random writing.

The OASIS isn’t a relaxing paradise

This also applies to the Bursars and Financial Aid office. The lines are ridiculously long when school begins. You impatiently stand waiting on the long line of students only to be told at the end to go online to solve your issue.

The Hunter games are the most stressful times of the year

We’re all going at different paces but it’s the ultimate goal and the only real obstacle is enrolling in all the classes you need. The Hunger games doesn’t even compare to the stress that Hunter students have to deal with twice a year when registering.

You’ll see everyone on desktops and laptops logged onto CUNYfirst. There are more students than seats and everything fills up quickly.

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