The ultimate NYC foodie Instagrams you need to follow ASAP

Put down whatever you’re doing. It’s time for some food porn

We’re on the home stretch to finishing this spring semester and summer break can’t come any sooner. What better motivation to hang in there than to feast your eyes on heavenly food.

With the help of a great friend, Carmen Delgado who is a trained pastry chef, we’ve put together the ultimate list of food Instagrams you MUST follow faster than you can say New York City.


These three NYC based siblings are taking over the Big Apple and they’re not keeping all the delicious goodness to themselves. It’s like getting three different eating experiences in one place.


With all the amazing food around us, it’s inevitable to get a food baby. Plus who can say no to brunch? With a great combination of different plates and drinks, this Insta will leave you wanting more.


This savory account isn’t just run by one person but a whole staff that has a wide age range. The mouth-watering photos are taken by New Yorkers for New Yorkers who come from all different backgrounds and want to share their foodie adventures with all of us. Go to their website for more in depth food porn and you can even find the best bites in your own neighborhood specifically.


When you don’t feel like eating from a food truck, head on over here to find the best NYC restaurants for a nice date or a night out with the girls. The beautifully displayed food will almost make you forget your hunger.


This fit lady doesn’t shy away from savory food. Christine is a Manhattan native who recently has begun branching out into the other four boroughs to try the amazing food offered. If you don’t have time to follow in her footsteps, following her foodie Instagram is the next best thing. Head on to her website for recipes and reviews.


Welcome to doughnut heaven, my fellow Hunterites. The Brooklyn based handmade doughnut business is always coming up with new creations for New Yorkers. If you don’t have time in between classes to pop into one of their locations around the city and see how their doughnuts are made firsthand, their Instagram won’t leave you unsatisfied.


One doughnut Instagram is never enough. There is a long history behind Doughnut Plant and they are the proud inventors of the jelly-filled squared doughnut. Whenever you’re craving that extra dessert, Doughnut Plant has the answer figured out for you. They’re always coming up with different fillings and can be found in over 50 locations throughout the city.


What’s better than donuts? Donuts, cookies and ice cream! This one is for all of you with a major sweet tooth who go all out in their desserts. When you find yourself eating french fries in the cafeteria and wishing you had something sweeter, this will be your powerful triple fix.

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