Men’s swim team sanctioned for ‘lewd, sexist and misogynistic’ email

The women’s team have also been sanctioned for underage drinking

The Bucknell University Athletics department announced sanctions against the men and women's swimming and dive teams, as of September 12th.

The year long sanctions placed on the women's team were in response to an "event at which underage members of the teams were provided alcohol," reports The men's team, however, is facing a two year sanction for partaking in the event alongisde having a tradition of "circulating among themselves each fall a lewd, sexist and misogynistic email."

The sanctions against both teams are following a two-year long probation period for "violations of a related nature" and require both teams to attend "educational programming" related to their respective violations. Members of the teams must now receive approval from the Athletic Department before living off-campus, and the teams' winter training trip to Florida has been cancelled. The upper-class members of the Men's team have been prohibited from partaking in the first two competitions of the season.

The Tab has reached out the Athletics Department and Coach Dan Schinnerer for comment.

The Tab Bucknell is looking to speak to anyone who has seen the email or is on the Swimming and Diving team. Email confidential tips to [email protected]

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