Men’s swim team sanctioned for ‘lewd, sexist and misogynistic’ email

The women’s team have also been sanctioned for underage drinking

EXCLUSIVE: Trump expresses interest in building hotel in Lewisburg

He’s ‘attracted to the prep culture of Bucknell’

Student accuses professor of giving her bad grade because she’s conservative – which he says is ‘simply not accurate’

Madison Cooney says the D and C+ are ‘by far the lowest grades she’s ever received’

Pennsylvania newspaper prints white pride flyers that say ‘God bless the Ku Klux Klan’

It was supposed to be part of a news story about the flyers

Dean of Students says Professor Andrews ‘did not take issue with students based on their political views’ in new statement

Amy Badal released an official statement to The Tab

BREAKING: Bertrand has been evacuated after fire alarm

They’re asking students to move back further on the quad

Donate to the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre on this new fundraising page

They’re in dire need of our assistance

Pee fetish enthusiasts love Donald Trump now

We spent a day reading their chat forum

You can vote for Olivia Newton John as our Chrysalis artist

Are you hopelessly devoted to her?

BREAKING: Swastika found in Bertrand Library bathroom stall

‘This anonymous act of cowardice is absolutely despicable’

BREAKING: Hundreds of Bucknell students walk out of classes in solidarity

‘We will not continue life as normal and be passive when so many lives and rights are at stake’

There’s a petition to try and prevent a Trump presidency and it’s going mega-vi

‘Casting your ballot for Hillary preserves majority rule – the ‘sense of the people”

BREAKING: Black Lives Matter chalk found on buildings across campus

‘Fight the violence’

A calm conversation with Joe Walsh, the man grabbing his musket if Trump loses

But he didn’t mean it literally

Everything you missed at Bucknell’s Take Back The Night event

‘To the survivors, the stories that have been heard and unheard, I see you and I hear you’

I made John Podesta’s ‘creamy’ risotto, and I’m never going back

‘You won’t get that if you dump all that liquid at once’

Bucknell had 541 liquor law violations in 2015

But fortunately, there were no murders

Mad Money host Jim Cramer was at TKE’s super

He loves Bucknell and said, ‘I live here in my heart’