Bucknell is the third biggest party school in the country

Congratulations to all students who helped make this happen

After a year of hard work, the results are out. According the the Princeton Review, Bucknell comes in third place for partying, beaten out only by Tulane and West Virginia University.

Wednesday night after Wednesday night, in cold, rain or finals, Bucknell students hauled themselves across campus (or down the stairs of the frat house) to be a part of this. It wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it.

While it’s difficult to beat out larger schools, we managed to triumph over all┬ábut two. Tulane, with a population of 13,500┬ástudents, came in first and West Virginia University, with a population of 32,300 students came in second.

Along the way we lost IDs, frackets and dignity, but we’re ready to begin again to secure our position for the next year.

Bucknell University