ASU students rally against Trump’s immigration policies

They marched on Mill

n light of the recent developments in Trump’s immigration policy, ASU students have rallied to protest restrictions on refugees and immigrants.

The rally was held at Old Main by US United, a student-based advocacy and refugee support group at ASU.

The march made its way from Old Main down University Drive and then to Mill Avenue, hoping to raise the awareness of Tempe’s residents to the immigration policy being implemented, which will likely affect Arizona greatly as a border-state.

The march followed the group Puente Arizona organising a protest outside of Phoenix City Hall on Thursday afternoon, calling for the mayor to stand against Trump in the near future.

Barrett student Maddy Snarr attended the protest, saying “The protest was a really inspiring event with a great turnout! It was organized in the span of only a few days as a reaction to the xenophobic, racist, and divisive executive orders that Trump has been issuing, so needless to say those who showed up were passionate, angry, and determined.

“While this action was cathartic and empowering, I know that there will have to be many more emergency protests in the face of other human rights violations, and that we all must be vigilant and willing to put our bodies on the line for the communities that are being increasingly oppressed and marginalized.

“It was a really inspiring crowd with both ASU students and community members of every race, creed, religion, and color standing in solidarity”

Featured image courtesy of @marlysweaver

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