The sorority girls paddling each other in yesterday’s ‘hazing’ was actually a hoax

Nearly-naked girls were paddled and forced to drink ‘vodka’

A hazing incident outside an ASU sorority turned out to be a TV stunt – but not before alarmed passersby called the police.

Footage of the incident showed two crying young women kneeling on the ground with leashes tied around their necks.

Another woman was standing over them holding a paddle, as another shouted at them to drink liquor from a bottle.

It later emerged that the stunt was part of ABC’s social experiment show “What would you do?” but not before witnesses called 911 and contacted local news channels about it. 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

“I hope the event that I witnessed was somehow staged, although it did not appear to be,” said the witness who spoke to KPHO/KTVK.

ASU spokesperson Sean Storrs confirmed the university had “no affilitation” with the event, and said the show did not alert them ahead of time.


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