We spoke to the students protesting Donald Trump Jr on campus

The Not Who We Are campaign came to argue that hate speech has no place at ASU

As Donald Trump Jr took to the Sun Devil Fitness Center on Tuesday, accompanied by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, most were not as enthusiastic as the Trump campaign might have hoped.

Although a large crowd awaited Junior’s chanting and tales of the American Dream inside, the crowd outside told a different story.

The Not Who We Are and ProgressNow AZ campaign, represented by five members who spoke of the impact Donald Trump could have on their lives, were filmed by news crews and students alike. They were accompanied by a giant Donald Trump puppet, to represent that Trump is a mere puppet for extreme right wing politics in America. Although slightly tattered from constant use this election season, member Belen Sisa thought this apt – “it’s in pieces, just like Donald Trump’s campaign.”


ProgressNow Exec Josselyn Berry led the protest by talking of Trump’s privilege and how this is in insult to the young, hardworking people at ASU.

“A lot of young people graduated into one of the worst economies we’ve ever had in America,” she said. “They’ve had poor job opportunities, education is not being funded, and I don’t think Donald Trump Jr has any idea of what it’s like to work hard for anything in his life. He has no business being here talking to millennials at ASU today.”


Student Belen Sisa then spoke of her position as an undocumented student at ASU, and how Donald Trump’s presidency has the potential to directly impact her life and her loved ones through the threat of deportation.

‘Trump Jr coming to speak to millennials today is a slap in the face to the students sitting feet away in classrooms. Students with disabilities, students who are women, Muslim students, foreign students, undocumented students… and the list continues of his personal attacks on students at ASU.

“ASU students do not sympathize with racism, we do not sympathize with buildings of walls, with sexual assault, bigotry or hate.

“I hope today sends a message to Donald Trump, his son, and all candidates and elected officials who either support his hateful vision or are too cowardice to stand up for what is right. Donald Trump is not who ASU is, he is not who students are, and he is not who we are.”


Inside, Sheriff Arpaio cracked jokes despite his impending criminal case and Trump Jr cracked down on criticism of his father.

“My father is not running because he needs this job, he’s doing it because he loves this country.”

The chanting of the protesters outside begged to differ.

Arizona State University