Hes West has water again after sewage leak causes campus shutdown

It means that lectures are back on tomorrow


The University of York has provided an update to students confirming they have identified the source of the leak and students on campus

In an email sent to students they said that "water supply will be restored in full by approximately 5pm tonight" and that "all teaching will be delivered as normal tomorrow (Wednesday 17th October)."

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A response team had been called to campus earlier

The email also confirms how catering facilities will be affected on Hes West too. Catered students who would normally eat in the Roger Kirk centre, Vanbrugh College or Derwent College will only have a limited menu of chilli, a vegetarian option, sandwiches and water available to them. The Library Cafe, however, will remain closed this evening.

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One tutor got creative

The same email has also provided guidance on what to do while waiting for the water supply to return. Students are advised to ensure that their taps are currently turned off in order to prevent flooding issues. They are also told to run their taps until the water runs clear once the supply has returned.

Teaching from today will be re-arranged and students should wait to hear more about this from their departments.