The University of York is the safest university in the country

Safe mate

According to the Complete University Guide the University of York has the lowest crime score in the country, with a CUG score of 15.96, beating the University of Buckingham in second and the University of Winchester in third. The university was one of only two Russell Group universities in the top ten, with Warwick coming eighth. Our closes rivals Lancaster had to settle for a paltry 67th place, with a score of 35.12.

The CUG score is based on the number of crimes in the CUG’s 2016 crime tables and is calculated using the annual number of reported incidents around students’ term-time addresses per one thousand residents.

Despite the best efforts of numerous student-run deep house nights cropping up in recent years attempting to hook us all on MD, York students and the populace in general tend to stay away from dodgy criminal deeds.

Campus looking crime-free, as always

The CUG also provided a crime heatmap for York. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of criminal activity is focused around the city centre, whilst Heslington and its surrounding environs remain relatively untouched by hoodlums, thieves, and those who consume illegal substances (right, everyone?).

However, the news has been unsurprising to some.

Third year Chemistry student Tom Gray was not stirred by the news. He told the Tab: “York is so safe I sleep on the front lawn without fear of being maimed.”

YUSU President Millie Beach was thrilled with the result. She said:

“York is an amazing global city with lots of history, lots of opportunities and low crime rates and we’re proud to be a part of it. The Union still works actively to promote the safety of York students by having strong links with the police and local council, running the Don’t Drink & Drown campaign and by having the Nightsafe scheme so everyone can safely enjoy York’s nightlife.”