Man questioned over missing Goodricke chef Claudia Lawrence

He is understood to be married with children


A man in his fifties was arrested this week over suspicion of murdering college chef Claudia Lawrence.

The father was held for five days by police after CCTV footage showed a man lurking outside the home of Ms Lawrence on the night she disappeared in 2009.

Been missing since 2009

The officer leading the investigation said described the new CCTV footage as a “critical phase in seeking the truth” behind the chef’s disappearance.

A police statement yesterday said: “Searches are being conducted which are expected to be ongoing over a number of days.

“No further details relating to the arrest will be provided at this stage of the investigation. Claudia has not been found.”

Ms Lawrence’s father, Peter, said: “Any progress is good. We have been here before.”

It is the third arrest of the case. One man was arrested last year but released without charge, and another is on bail on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Jen King, one of Claudia’s closest friends, said: “Everyone wants closure but they’ve already arrested two people and got nowhere. You just have to wait and see what happens.”

Ms Lawrence was last seen walking to her house from work after being dropped off by a colleague.

She spoke with her parents on the phone an hour after a mystery man was caught on camera outside her house.

She then failed to report for work the next day.