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Vote now for Warwick’s Maddest Fresher 2017

The competition is FIERCE


We scoured through all of the nominations you sent us so that we could find the maddest fresher at Warwick this year. But now the ball is back in your court as voting has opened.

Browse through all the nominees below and make sure you pick wisely:

Dave Aziz

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History and Sociology student Dave made a big name for himself when he posed as a bouncer at a Rootes pre-drinks and went viral. His other antics include dying his hair blonde after losing a bet and swapping his shampoo for milk.

Brandon Conde-Nieto

Also known as "the guy who watches chicken porn." Brandon's probably best known for trying to make a two-hour walk back to campus from Kasbah and ending up getting a lift off a very kind milkman.


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Valentin made a name for himself when a drunken night out at Smack ended with him being arrested and ending up spending the night in police custody. His friends have since banned him from the £1.50 drinks at Smack.

Fraser Beresford

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Fraser is aparently such a mad player that he's become quite the heartbreaker around campus. His friends say "he can be seen on many a Copper Room night tailed by sobbing women, all of them hoping beyond hopes to repopulate the earth with mini Frasers."

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