Rugby team to be auctioned off this Friday

They want ‘to give something back to the community’

UWRFC give something back to the community. This Friday, Warwick Men’s Rugby Club will host their annual auction at Altoria in Leamington.

Friday night sees one of the biggest events in the Warwick social calendar, as members of the rugby team are auctioned off to an audience of salivating females.

How does it work?

From interpretative dance to musical performances, sesh-sending to stripteases, these acts are as varied as they are entertaining. At the end of each act the participants are auctioned off to the spectators.

Be warned: bidding can be fierce, with last year’s highest-bids hitting triple figures.


Scenes from last year

Once bought, the rugby players belong to the buyer. In the past, the players have been brought along to other sports teams’ circles, been publicly humiliated and performed domestic chores. Whether it’s out of fantasy or necessity, purchasing a rugby player is a worthwhile investment. They’ll do ANYTHING.

Every year, in the weeks leading up to the event, the participants in the slave auction create their own “Pick Me” videos and share them on Facebook. This year’s batch have already been released – take a look here.

Previous highlights

There have been many memorable performances at the rugby auctions. Highlights must include a Gary Barlow tribute act (complete with back up dancers), the Full Monty, Man vs Booze, and a perfect reenactment of the controversial video to Sia’s Elastic Heart.

Ones to watch

Tobi Osi, Eddo B
oxall, Tom Moriarty

Wait - let me take a selfie

Wait – let me take a selfie

After last year’s record breaking sale, these lads have established themselves as hot buys for Friday. With bragging rights very much up for grabs this year, these boys are sure to put on a show for the crowd.

Make sure you take out your full overdraft if you want a piece of the action.

Oli Gregory and James Burnett

Yes, that's the Duomo of Milan

Yes, that’s the Duomo of Milan

If you’re looking for double trouble, these boys should top your list. Often seen together, be it eating at the library cafe or eating at the Jug & Jester, you don’t get one these UWRFC tour secs without the other – whether or not that is a good thing is for you to decide. Judging by their stellar physiques you can expect an energetic performance from the pair – hold on to your hats ladies and gents.

Fish and Harry ‘Fresh Crowson’ Rogers

Christmas has come early this year

Christmas has come early this year

These two hefty UWRFC freshers have truly grown over the past term, developing from innocent, timid seedlings in to blooming ‘sesh ledges’. What these boys lack in charm they make up for in sheer weirdness.

So now you’ve seen what’s on offer, make sure you don’t miss the only civil-rights-violating strip fest you’ll want to see.