Fatboy Slim is performing a free concert for NHS staff

He will be performing live at the Brighton centre

It has been announced, that on Wednesday 28th October 2020, Fatboy Slim will be hosting a free concert for NHS and Blue Light Staff.

Norman Cook, also known as Brighton based DJ Fatboy Slim, has announced a special concert in his hometown exclusively for NHS, Ambulance and Police workers. The gig will take place in October in the largest venue in Brighton, the Brighton Centre.

Fatboy Slim spoke of the event saying, “Recently, friends of mine who work in the NHS asked me to send a little video message to thank and cheer on the frontline troops and in it I, (half) jokingly said, we should all have a big party together when all this is over.

Careful what you wish for, as so many people responded to the comment, so I thought why not?”.

“By the time life returns to normal we will all want to celebrate together and, I would like to do my bit to reward and thank everyone who has been holding our lives together in these most difficult times.”

He continued. “So I extend an invitation to all the NHS doctors, nurses, support workers, porters and cleaners plus all the blue light staff, ambulance, police and fire service (and importantly to their plus ones) to let their hair down with me and dance off the cobwebs to rejoice in the end of this emergency”.

Tickets will be available from 7pm on tonight, Friday 17th April 2020.

More information about the show can be found from the Brighton Centre here.