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The best alternative study spots on Sussex campus

Hidden gems for when the library is full to the brim

Studying can be a big inconvenience, but what makes it worse is when you actually have the intention to crack open a book and campus is just too busy.

Whether it's right before exam season, the peak time of the day or if you just prefer a more calming work space when your house is too loud or Third years are hogging booths in Jubilee, here are the best kept secret study spaces on campus.

Falmer House Common Room

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Looks pretty zen

The common room is one of Falmer House's most idyllic spots. The wooden interior is decked with sofas and plants giving it a much calmer atmosphere than any conventional library space.

Plus, there's a free for use microwave in the corner or Falmer Bar directly below you if leftovers aren't your style.

York House Computer Room

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First you have to find York house

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this space is ideal for those late night cramming and last minute essay writing sessions. With 36 computers and three printers, York House does fill up during the day. But if you find a free spot, its central position on campus is ideal.

Also, there are three vending machines right outside the door for that essential study snack.

Room 76

Room 76 is an extension to Falmer Bar, it's more of a cafe than a boozy hang out which makes it perfect for a study group or independent study!

There are a few plugs for laptops, but get there quick because it reaches capacity during the day and is particularly busy around lunchtime.

The Languages Learning Centre

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Increase your productivity by turning the computer on

This resources centre is situated on the ground floor of Arts A and, against its name's suggestion, it is open to all students. It has a limited number of computers and space for laptops, but is away from the bustling corridors and offers a quiet work space for those in need of some silent study.


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Shawcross contains one of the biggest computer clusters on campus, as well as having a tech-expert at the front desk during office hours for all those lost work scenarios. Being central on campus means it's ideal for that mid-day gap you have between lectures and has silent, normal and loud study areas.

The great outdoors

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Last but not least, Sussex has a multitude of picnic benches and tables set up throughout campus which make serene working spots. It may be a bit chilly at this time of year, but the greenery and scenery more than make up for the cold.