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Five of our favourite Brighton-based tattoo artists

You’ll wanna get inked after you see these.

Getting a tattoo may seem quite terrifying to some people, especially for the first time. After all, it's literally going to be on your body forever!

However, we have created this guide to give you an insight into Brighton's super cool and diverse tattoo scene and handpicked a few trendy, reputable artists so that you don't end up with a tattoo that you regret (because you will definitely always regret that cheap, drunken tattoo you got abroad).


Honey Badger is a female tattoo artist who specialises in fine line and dot work tattoos. Her work is primarily inspired by women and nature and her designs are super minimalistic and feminine. Her tattoos are perfect for those who aren't into bold and traditional styles and prefer something more delicate and contemporary.

Patrick Bates aka @european.son.420 – Heartbreaker Tattoo

Boasting 149k followers on Instagram, Patrick Bates is renowned for his very edgy stick-and-poke style tattoos. He generally tattoos meaningful and personal words, phrases, symbols and numbers on people and would be the perfect artist for you if you're looking to get something simple and text-based.

Mike Stout Tattoo – The BlackHouse Club

Mike Stout's tattoo style fuses the illustrative with the black and white to produce fascinatingly intricate tattoos of various landscapes with a geometric element to them. If you're looking to get a place that's important to you tattooed or you just adore geometric tattoos, he might just be the artist for you!

Georgina Langford-Biss – No Friends Tattoo Club

Georgina Langford-Biss describes herself as a "tattooeress" and her style is primarily illustrative, using black ink and fine lines in her designs. Her designs are inspired by gothic culture and feminism, having elements of witchiness yet simultaneously being floral and feminine. If you're interested in botanical/floral tattoo designs, check out Georgina's work!

Tom Ffoulkes aka @staygoodtom – No Friends Tattoo Club

Tom Ffoulkes' work borrows from the traditional tattooing style yet also has an edge of contemporariness to it, making his work incredibly unique. His designs have a distinct gothic influence, using bold lines and black ink to depict sombre messages, weapons, animals and flowers. Tom is the ideal artist for you if you'd like to keep it traditional and classic with your next tattoo.

So, if you manage to muster up the courage to go under the needle by one of these artists, we can guarantee that you'll be looking ink-redible.