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EXCLUSIVE: David Attenborough is coming to Sussex Uni

He’s coming to do a one-off talk at the Attenborough Centre


Everyone's favourite animal-lover, world-famous documentary presenter and all-round darling, Sir David Attenborough, will be coming to the University of Sussex, we can exclusively reveal.

On April 27, David will be conducting a talk at the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts (ACCA), regarding why the humble Seagull is, in his opinion, the most prolific hunting bird in the world. He revealed his love for the seabird on his official Twitter account recently, and was then approached by the university with the offer of coming in for an exclusive session.

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We have been given very little info as of yet, but we are told that David will be focusing on the seagull's incredible ability to steal chips from the most intelligent animal in the world; the human being. The event was announced on the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts' Facebook page:

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The event has been organised in collaboration with the Sussex Students' Union. Frida Gustafsson, SU President, exclusively told The Tab Sussex how this came about:

"I saw David Attenborough's tweet and thought it would be a brilliant topic for a talk at Sussex. David answered really quickly, and when he next visited Brighton we met up to chat about the event. He was so lovely, and really interested in Brighton wildlife – from seagulls to sesh monkeys. "

She explained that "Most students at Sussex know and fear the seagulls, with many of us having lost at least one sandwich to the beasts" and says that she is "really looking forward to the talk" and thinks "it's yet another brilliant event out on by our fantastic events department."

The talk takes place in collaboration with the installation at the ACCA created by Chris Watson, the sound recordist from Blue Planet, where Sir Attenborough was the narrator. The installation is called 'No Man's Land' and "takes you on an incredible journey through the sounds of the seas and oceans."

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The event will take place at the ACCA building at 7pm, with tickets available here. The event will be free to attend, but you must reserve your place as space is limited and the event is likely to prove hugely popular.

Before you get too excited check the date…