You voted East Slope as Sussex’s loosest halls

No surprise there…

The votes have been counted and verified, and East Slope has been voted the loosest halls in Sussex.

It’s no surprise East Slope won with almost a third of the votes (27.61 per cent).

We all knew from the start that East Slope would win, it’s infamous for it’s flat shenanigans, the stories made and created there, and the kooks that live there.


Located right behind East Slope bar, it’s a great location to go when the bar closes and you’re just not ready for the party to end. With East Slope being the cheapest halls, it means pretty much everyone that lives there is laid back and not fussed about the trivial things like hygiene,  meaning they’re happy to fuck shit up at their flat party.

Wandering around East Slope that sweet herby smell is an instant sign of the abundance of fun substances lying around, which your chilled East Slopians will obviously be more than happy to share with you, sharing is caring right? Or maybe just wait until they’ve gotten to the generous stage of fucked.

You can always guarantee that when walking around East Slope at dusk, there’s going to be music blasting from multiple flats, even if it is a Monday. On a cold Saturday night, when town is too expensive and the majority of the Londoners have gone home, just take a stroll around East Slope village and you’ll be sure to find some fun and they’ll be sure to let you into the enjoyable chaos of an East Slope flat.

After all, the Shrek impersonator “get out my swamp” legend originated right here.