We’re getting Boris bikes in Brighton

Gear up for 2017

A similar bike rental to the Boris bike scheme in London is coming to Brighton in May 2017.

The scheme promises to introduce bikes for hire along the seafront and at campus, and could expand to other areas.

The cost to use one of these bikes will be £2 a day with the first half an hour free, and £2 every half an hour after that: the same price as in London.

It’s not yet clear if there will be a student discount, but a round trip to and from university should cost around £4.


Amy Walker, a third year double honours Geography and Development student said: “Brighton’s so small and hilly. I don’t know if there’d be that much point.

“It’s really expensive, too. For students a round trip could cost more than the bus so people would just take that instead.

“To be honest, I can’t really see tourists using them. The seafront isn’t that big, you can just walk along it. Plus there are already a few cycle hire places.”

The environmentally friendly scheme is to help reduce pollution, too, but Amy disagrees.

She added: “I don’t see how it would reduce pollution at all as it’s too expensive for students, and it’s not as if tourists are taking buses everywhere, it would just replace them walking. Besides, a lot of people already cycle in Brighton.”

Third year Freya Jones told The Tab: “Brighton is such a bike friendly city, it’s a great idea. In comparison to London, Brighton is much better to cycle round. There are more lanes, it’s safer and people are much more aware of cyclists.”

This could be a great chance for Brighton to get more money from the many tourists that come in the summer, and for further expansion of the tourist hotspots.