SUSSED FAIL at Exam Results… AGAIN

SUSSED isn’t working, but are we really surprised?

Once again the University’s online portal has crashed today after thousands of Southampton students attempted to log in and view their final grades.

Students eager to see whether a year of hard work has paid off were left shouting abuse at their computer screens and trying endlessly to access their module results to no avail, whilst watching on social media some of their coursemates flaunting their successes.

Facebook newsfeeds have been plastered by only two kinds of statuses today; those students bragging about their grades and those who are yet to even type in their username and password. Reports are reaching The Tab that at 5.30pm some students STILL couldn’t view their results, 3 hours after they were officially released. One student told us:

My finger hurts from pressing F5 so much.

Of course this isn’t the first time SUSSED has been affected, back in January the same situation occurred where students were left trying to access their marks for hours. And more recently another SUSSED fail lead to the past paper database inaccessible in the middle of exams.

We feel this delay in accessing grades and the dire state of SUSSED is disgraceful; students are paying such vast quantities of money for a degree yet are unable to see how well they’ve done. With the fee increase to £9k as of September, iSolutions need to pull their finger out and start offering a reliable service. So iSolutions, if you’re reading, sort it out.

For those of you without any luck, try accessing your record here.