Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Tramlines Special

What a weird and wavey weekend

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If Louis Theroux ever revives his iconic Weird Weekends series, his first port of call should be Sheffield during Tramlines. For three days (or four if you're doing it properly), the Steel City comes alive in a magical mixture of beats, bops and, of course, booze.

This year, around 30,000 people caught Phonics and Noel at Hillsborough Park, thousands more went to Fringe events across the city, and the vast majority of them went out afterwards. Even when pints were a fiver, everyone still got absolutely hammered, which is a beautiful reflection of Sheffield, its students and people.

Behold this week's Clubbers of the Week, who were well and truly living their best lives across one of the best festivals the country has to offer.

Guitarist of the Week

2019's headliner, you heard it here first

Long Lost Gallagher Brother of the Week

He spends his days in the sunshiiiine (and Leadmill)

Varied Music Taste of the Week

The natural destination after seeing Blossoms is obviously Code

Squad of the Week

The photographer defo had to step back to fit everyone in

Club Tropicana/Sonic Combo of the Week

Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history


Happiest Clubbers of the Week

The faces of people who got tickets early and saw Noel for like 30 quid

Candid of the Week

Either something was funny or he just saw the chance for some Insta likes

PDA of the Week

If you love someone, let them and the whole of Leadmill know

Least Impressed Clubbers of the Week

These two didn't get tickets and missed out on their De La Soul fix

Shirts of the Week

Hawaiian togs in Hallam territory

Picture that Best Sums up Tramlines of the Week

Lots of excitement, a bit indie, and ultimately a bit of a blur

Photo credits: Corp, Leadmill, Code and Crystal Facebook pages