BPOC: Meet ASAP Hoppy

He’s kind of a big deal

Every week we’ll meeting our latest BPOC (Big Pet On Campus) and assessing their celebrity status.

Introducing ASAP Hoppy – named after the legendary rapper ASAP Rocky, this little rabbit may not hang out with Drake on the regular, but he is just as much of a diva.  Ever the ladies man, ASAP lives with four girls, Carrie, Sophie, Sarah and Flossie. When he is not vying for their attention he enjoys strutting around the house, hiding behind doors and wardrobes, biting wires and of course whacking on some hip hop tunes.

Name: ASAP Hoppy
Age: One
Breed: Mini Lop
Colour: Black, with brown undertones and a splash of white (plus a hint of ginger, although he won’t admit it)

Relationship Status: Casually mounts balloons when available
Celeb Crush: Kim Kardashian
Likes: Being centre of attention, wandering around the house, reading The Tab (who doesn’t?)
Dislikes: Rabbit haters, being told what to do, nature

Hobbies: Travelling around the world, biting wires, scaling staircases
Favourite Food: Spinach, Basil, Banana
Favourite Music: Anything by Elton John (loves to climb onto Carrie’s laptop and play him), and of course, ASAP Rocky – Fuckin’ problems

I like bad rabbits that’s my fuckin problem

 Ambitions: To become an all round Tab BPOC, rise into stardom and hopefully one day make it onto I’m a Celeb
Motto in life: If at first you don’t succeed, take a nap

Living by his own proverbs

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