Nearly half of girls in Sheffield have been sexually assaulted

Almost a quarter said they have been raped

43 per cent of girls in Sheffield who responded to The Tab’s Sexual Assault survey said they had been a victim of sexual assault.

Almost every girl who responded to the survey said she had been touched inappropriately on a night out.

210 people responded to the survey from Sheffield, some of whom left anonymous comments like: “I get sexually assaulted on most nights out, as all the girls I know do.

“The police are rarely interested and few clubs are”

23 per cent of girls said they had been raped.

The figures were both higher than the national results, of which 15 per cent of people had been raped, and 36 per cent had been sexually assaulted.

Of the people who had been raped, 46 per cent say it happened at uni, and 36 per cent when they were in first year.

76 per cent of those people claim to have known their attacker.

In the same survey, 59 per cent of those who were sexually assaulted say it happened at uni.

Joanna Freedman, an English finalist, was shocked at the figures: “I’m really surprised Sheffield was higher than the national average, maybe it isn’t as safe as we’ve always thought.

“It was really unsettling to hear about the rapes in the city centre last week.”