Describe Sheffield in one word


Heartening adjectives, as well as favourite drunk hangouts, who doesn’t love Sheffield? We asked you to sum up the Steel City in a word.

Sam, graduate, Medieval History and Aggie, postgrad, History and Max, Management.

A solid choice after a night out

Lorraine Tong, third year, Biomedical Science


Dave Housden, third year, Geography

Not the face of someone who’s just walked up Conduit

Patrick Shaw, postgrad, Material Science and Engineering


Victoria, second year, English Literature


Matthew, fourth year, Electronic Engineering


 Lily Koryang, third year, Chemistry

The prospectus doesn’t lie

Josh Gillott and Alex Walker, second year, Maths and Benjy Taylor, second year, English and Philosophy

It is really isn’t it

Jade Martin, second year, Maths


Dominic Early, second year, Biochemistry

You’ve obviously never been to WSL