This SU President candidate is going to be your new style icon

His campaign video will brighten your day

national noad

Bee D’abéillé Lokkit is standing for SU President in the upcoming election.

His campaign video is a unique, yet somewhat beautiful combination of spelling mistakes, dramatic transition movements and remarkable outfit choices.

It kicks off with some gentle, ambient bagpipes and Bee Lokkit sweeps across the screen outside Firth Court.

His mustard coloured chinos and black leather bomber are a perfect and well thought out contrast to the redbrick background. The high neck wrap scarf is the icing on the proverbial cake.

Bee’s voice is barely audible over the incessant sound of the music, but you can just about hear him say: “hey guys, do you know about big event gonna be happened across our University?”

He is of course referring to the upcoming leadership race, in which he is battling it out between other candidates Marcus Foster, Max Bell, Adam Ferrington, Christy McMorrow and Jo Sutton Klein in a bid to become our next SU President.

A technical transition then dramatically creates the illusion of Bee almost jumping out of the camera and onto bus stop outside Hicks. He chats to Welfare Officer candidate Gabi Binnie about irregular bus services and concludes: “it’s always just so…like very annoying.”

Lokkit’s official campaign picture

He’s not wrong. Bee confirms his main priority as SU President would to be report and change the “ridiculous” bus services.

He then jumps out of the camera to outside of the IC, but it’s hard to concentrate on his policies with outfits so fantastic. In this scene we see the same mustard chinos, accompanied by a regal white blazer with bold black cuffs, very reminiscent of the F/W Vera Wang monochrome collection modelled at New York Fashion Week last month.

A/W Vera Wang inspired

Lokkit is then filmed jumping around in a pair of calf high black boots tucked into the statement chinos. Not only stylish, but highly practical too, and perfect for a long day on campus.

He’s clearly no stranger to the boot world, even sporting a pair of Uggs a couple of seconds later. A bit 2006 on anyone else, but another winning look for Bee.

And he knows what the people want. After promising to invite more celebrities to uni, he debuts his next outfit; an on point, 3/4 length camel trench and yet another scarf. It’s smart and sassy outerwear, and Bee gives us all a lesson here in mastering the tricky winter/spring transition weeks.

Stunning camel trench

Before the video is over we get another glimpse of the Vera Wang inspired monochrome blazer, and some charmingly expressive hand movements.

Needless to say his Facebook campaign photo is similarly stylish. He teams a navy, black rimmed suit jacket with a white pinstripe shirt and a bow tie shinier than a mermaids tail.

Lokkit, we love you and your wardrobe.