Oxford’s edgiest undergrad: Heat one

Do you consider yourself a flaneur?

Charlie Harrison, PPE, Queen’s

Often found frequenting the Bullingdon, be that for a night of monotonous beats or for middle aged men playing jazz on a Tuesday, it’s all about the image for Charlie. He will also not say a bad word about his self help books, and has recently invested in a blue neon light to expose himself to for 20 minutes a day in order to maximise his mood. A great bloke, but undeniably trying too hard to be edgy?

c harrison

Gigi Cockell, Biology, St. Anne’s

It’s a rainbow towel dress. Enough said. 

gigi cockell

Oscar Plomber-Roberts, English, St. John’s

He will only go to Cellar or the Bully, spends most of his money on Supreme garms and has the edgiest Instagram out there (@odpc). Also, he vapes and loves to tell everyone about it and publishes a list of his top 50 albums every year which comprises of edgy shit most people have never heard of.


Voting will open next week. If you’d like to nominate someone to be Oxford’s edgiest undergrad send them to [email protected] or The Tab Oxford Facebook page.