The Tabometer: Week two

Is Bridge still full of red trousers? Is doner better than shish?

The Tab tracks the latest ups and downs of Oxford’s nightlife scene with our fresh, highly scientific, measuring scale.


“Wavey Garms”

With a whopping 3+ alternative club nights in the upcoming week (a rarity most here will only witness once…Oxford’s very own eclipse!), your chokers, windbreakers and crochet tops are being put to use more than ever.


Number of public hangover cases

On the rise. Watch out, you never know these days who will be sick all over you in a lecture.



Going up this week after the launch of Functions On The Low, that The Tab is in no way affiliated to, and the arrival of Newham Generals in town for Friday night at Calligraphy. With sounds of Ruff Sqwad and DJ Barely Legal, you can see how it’s in Oxford students’ nature to fit right into this scene.


The Union

In the brief hiatus between last week’s Tabometer and now, the Union has plummeted a shameful few places back down after Robinson and Woolf dropped out, without promise of much replacement yet. They’re hot then they’re cold and might as well be a Katy Perry song.


The morning after Facebook stalk

The accidental “like” or “add as friend” click to the girl you bought a drink last night is easily done on a hangover. And yes, they will most definitely still get the notification. Let the awkward library encounters commence.


Kebab regret

9am lectures with garlicky breath and dodgy bowels. Nah, we’re alright. I know it seemed a good idea at the time…


Bucket hats

Please let’s not see any more of these on nights out. We’re not at Bristol.