Couple who met at Nottingham Trent return seven years later to get married on campus

Eden and Charles met during Freshers’ Week in 2015

Two Nottingham Trent alumni have got married on Trent’s Brackenhurst campus, where they first met seven years ago.

For Eden and Charles Symes, when it came to picking a wedding venue there was only one place that made sense, back on Nottingham Trent’s campus where they met in 2015.

Eden and Charles met on Brackenhurst campus in October 2015, where Charles was studying wildlife conservation and Eden was studying animal biology. Charles was a fresher and Eden was in her second year. They’d met at the pub on campus, in Charles’ first week of university and quickly hit it off, and started officially dating in March 2016.

Eden and Charles at their Summer Ball in 2017

Once they’d graduated, they moved away from their respective hometowns of Sheffield and East Sussex to Southwell, in Notts.

After being together throughout their university experiences, and having a little girl, Effie, together, the pair looked for places to get married. Eden said she knew her lecturer had got married on Brackenhurst campus, and decided to look into it further.

When she told Charles of the venue idea, he said: “It’s got to be there, hasn’t it”. They were the first former students to get married on Brackenhurst campus, which has recently been transformed into an official wedding venue.

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Eden said the wedding venue was beautiful, and had greater sentimental value to the couple, due to the importance that the special place had in their relationship. Their university campus was where they had made all their memories when they’d first started dating.

The couple got married on Saturday 27th of August, with their family and friends, back where it all started. Three of Eden’s bridesmaids were friends that she had met at university, and she said they had lots of former Notts students at the wedding.

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Eden spoke to The Tab Notts after they’d just got back from their ”familymoon” in Egypt, where they enjoyed their honeymoon with their two-year-old daughter. This all feels like a sign to go to every freshers event you can, you might just end up finding your future husband. I wonder if anyone’s got an Ocean romance half as good as this one.

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