Nottingham named as one of UK’s best universities for cycling

It placed ahead of Cambridge.

Recently released research by a popular student halls search engine has placed the University of Nottingham as the fifth best university in the UK and third best in England for accommodating student cyclists—trailing behind Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester, respectively.

Meanwhile, surprisingly, the bike-famous University of Cambridge placed behind in sixth.

The study analysed factors ranging from (but not limited to) the accessibility/number of bike storage/cycle parking facilities on the campus and the number of nearby bike/bike repair shops within 3 miles, to the rate of bike thefts in the last 12 months and air pollution levels. Favourable conditions were awarded points and negative ones resulted in deductions.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, cycling may emerge as the new popular choice among students who wish to minimise their contact with other people and avoid public transport. Not only might this help them keep safe from the virus, but it could improve their wellbeing. The environment would also benefit from its increase, if students choose to cycle over driving or getting an Uber.

Dan Roberts, the MD and Founder of the student halls search engine ( who published these findings, said:

“While the national lockdown proved to be a golden age for cycling, the research highlights that many universities could be doing more to cater to the ever growing student cycling community.

“With many students returning to their studies with a new ‘blended’ style of learning and continued anxiety surrounding the pandemic, cycling is one great way to support student wellbeing and encourage social distancing when travelling from halls to lectures. No doubt that universities will be investing into more ways to support students in jumping on their bikes.”

The full rankings were as follows:

This news will be welcome to the university, with sustainability being one of its top priorities; UoN supports Nottingham City Council’s “ambitious” aim to make the city carbon neutral by 2028—and being a cycling-friendly university could help to bring that dream one step closer to reality.

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