BNOC of the Year 2016: The final round

Forget the EU Referendum, this is the most important vote you’ll cast this year

“I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me… but I can’t help it that I’m so popular.” (Weiner, 2004, Mean Girls)

Well Gretchen, neither can these guys. They proved their popularity in our preliminary rounds, but now they need to win your hearts, your minds, your imaginations. One of our following five nominees will take the title to end all titles, and gain the ultimate Tinder conversation opener. Nottingham, the time has come to crown your BNOC of the Year 2016. Get your votes in below:

Winner of Round One:  Danny Estreich

Danny claimed his narrow victory in round one with a close 0.5% win over second-placed fresher Jay Radia. A big dog in Nottingham student media, Estreich is also known for his charitable exploits, gaining BNOC fame for his red-painted backwards walk through campus, which lasted a whole week.

Winner of Round Two: Brad Deas

Storming to an even closer victory, man of the North, Brad Deas, is your winner of round two. This occasional URN presenter, Tab writer and Hockey social sec, can regularly be seen out on the Nottingham social scene spouting shit banter and his infamous catchphrase “no nibble”, which according to unconfirmed reports, he stole and then popularised from SU Sports Officer candidate Seb Chimo. In true BNOC form, Deas can also claim fame for making it on to the Lad Bible for his house’s 7 Legged Little Britain effort. In addition, Brad is known for being a Busted fanatic, and word on the street states he attended last week’s concert at the Motorpoint Arena alone, spending £40 on merchandise in the process. Oh Brad.

Winner of Round Three: Guy ‘Loose’ Britton

Fresher Guy Britton won round three with an impressive 33% of the vote, beating American Football teammate Carl Pickering who came in second. Guy is widely known for being the “loosest person in Crisis”, and potentially the loosest guy on campus. Despite being a first year, Guy has skills beyond his age. He once convincingly pulled a girl by telling her he was a third year, and then came through on the lie by coming up with a dissertation title over breakfast the next morning.

Winner of Round Four: Pete Lendon

Pete Lendon stormed to victory in round four, insanely taking over 50% of the vote. This fresher’s real name is Jess – but you could not imagine a girl less suited to the name Jess, and more appropriately suited to the name Pete. Having been a student at Nottingham for just a mere 8 months, Pete Lendon has already developed a cult-like following on campus and has her own chant. Known for her “tragic” drunk antics, she is also the President of Broadgate Park, the hockey ‘Fresher of the Year’, and is certainly one to watch out for in the BNOC stakes.

Winner of Round Five: Jack Ieuan Tranter

As President of Men’s Hockey, Jack Ieuan Tranter was inevitably going to come out on top in round five. Known more commonly by his nickname ‘Yaya’, Jack is always closely associated with Crisis. Not only did he star in the hilarious Blind Drunk videos, but he can also regularly be found amongst the hockey balcony consortium, sometimes eating broccoli.