We asked people going to Hallward what song they revise to

Classical music is a safe go to

It’s approaching that time of the academic year again – the sun is daring to show its face yet you can’t appreciate it because you’re slaving away in the heat of Hallward attempting exam revision or coursework assignments. You hate life and the queue for a Starbucks coffee is ginormous, so you’re sat staring at your list of things to do wondering when you’ll ever be able to taste the outside air again.

What do you do? To get the juices flowing, you delve into Spotify and play some old school Craig David. At last, you’ve written five more words than you had two minutes ago. Whether it’s the Spice Girls, Mozart, or Deep House, everyone has a go to song or music genre to get them through those difficult study periods.

We asked you guys what your choice would be:

Sophie Mackenzie, First Year, Modern Languages

I tend to listen to really cheesy old music, just to cheer me up a bit. Like S club 7.

Thomas Collier, First Year, Biology

I like to listen to a lot of Flume and Disclosure, anything with a slight beat, nothing too wordy.

Hannah Brown, First Year, English

I listen to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, the Keira Knightley version.

Harry Fuller, Second Year, Ancient History and History

Usually Chopin, my favourite is waltzes no. 7, c-sharp minor. To be fair it’s not important what, most piano music is good.

Harriet William, First Year , English and French

There’s a few. The stress relief playlist on Spotify. There’s another one called ‘the most beautiful songs in the world’, that’s good. ‘Totally stress free’ is another good one.

Isobel Davidson, First Year, English

Yael Naïm, and then Ane Brun, and any classical music really. They’re really calming.

Ben White, Second Year, Classics

Ludovico Einaudi or any relaxing background music.

Kieran Rudrum, Third Year,  History and Politics

I quite like Siamese Dreams by The Smashing Pumpkins, because it’s just nice to have in the background.