Second year catfishes Durham students who added him to their group presentation chat

They still invited him to take part

A Nottingham second year started trolling students from Durham after he was unintentionally added to their group presentation chat on Facebook.

Tom Campbell started receiving messages from four random students asking when the best time to meet up would be, and started going along with it.

Durham group chat 2

The mistake in identity left Durham’s Tom Campbell completely unaware of the meeting plans that his Nottingham namesake had agreed to.

Durham group 4

Eager to mess with the posh Northerners for their stupidity, Tom claimed the professor had emailed him saying the presentation had been moved to next term.


Quite the catfish

Tom decided to end the madness and nobly informed the group of their careless error.

The Law with Spanish student said: “Apologies just joking, I actually go to Nottingham and there isn’t actually any extension – so all the best.”

Durham group chat

While the Durham group seemed to find the funny side, Tom was immediately kicked out, despite being invited to actually take part in the presentation.

Tom is used to being covert

Tom is used to being covert

Speaking to the Tab, he said: “It was just a little bit of banter.”