Union officers have unfair advantage

Current SU officers are allowed to run again for the first time ever.

SU sabbatical officers are now allowed for re-run for positions, giving them a distinct advantage over new candidates.

Allowing current sabbatical officers – students who take a year out of their studies to work for the Union – to re-run has prompted speculation over why the Union is allowed current sabb students to cling onto the status of ‘professional student politician’.

Is the Union biased?

Legislation introduced in 2012 allows students currently on the Union’s board to try their luck again for the first time ever.

Since students who currently hold sabb positions will now compete against students who are studying fulltime, concerns have been raised about the lack of an even playing field.

“Several of the exec will be taking their paid annual leave [during campaigning]” 2011’s Disabled Officer Joseph Clough told IMPACT.

“Taking a holiday is not something that the students running in the election have the luxury to do,” he added.

Speaking out: Dan Clough

Luke Mitchell, the current Democracy and Communications Officer who is running for SU President, was quick to slam Clough’s claims. “I work full time as an officer and I’m not using the time I should be working to plan my campaign,” he said.

“Some of the other candidates, if they’ve been organised, will have all the time in the world to organise a brilliant campaign.

“They also have the advantage of being able to come in with a fresh face”.

Nottingham’s SU represents students at a national level, as well as finding societies and running three shops and a bar.”