The chicken at EAT@NEWCASTLE is the best thing about Newcastle Uni

It’s clucking good

When people picture Newcastle University, they think of the iconic architecture, the arches, the nightlife. But no, not me. I think of the uni’s chicken shop, and the £1.90 popcorn chicken snack pot.

Discovered during freshers week, it has remained a lasting love affair for me. Chicken Tuesdays at EAT@CENTRAL is now a weekly tradition, created by a friend and me to help fight the heartache of back-to-back lectures and the cold Newcastle weather.

£1.90 chicken snack pot and a drink – what dreams are made of

The queue may be big during the lunch rush, but it’ll never be as long as Eat4Less – and since their price increase, it’s almost as cheap. The line goes down within five minutes and as it’s situated at the heart of campus, it’s the perfect on the go place and eat in between lectures.


There is a wide variety of food at EAT@NEWCASTLE, with each venue offering every kind of meal you could imagine. This goes from the courtyard in the Old Library for a real sit down meal, to Campus Coffee for those pre-lecture hangover cappuccino vibes. But nothing quite beats this little chicken shop for the occasional treat.

At less than two pounds, you can indulge on 10 pieces of plain or spicy popcorn chicken and a whole box of fries. The best part is, it’ll leave you feeling stuffed and for £1.90, it’s impossible to feel guilty about your cheat meal.

Those of you who are health and gym obsessed, who may be scoffing at this article, I have one thing to say. Those of us who love fast food may be unfit and a little chubby, but I’m happier eating my chicken than you’ll ever be eating your kale. We all know who the real winner is here, so I think you should give my favourite fried chicken a chance.

For those days where you need a little extra help to get you through the day – or more often than not through your hangover – they cater to all your chicken and breakfast needs. They serve optional additions such as chocolate bars and a half decent cup of coffee – all you need to give you the strength to stay awake in that one excruciatingly boring lecture. We all have one and we all feel your pain, don’t worry.

Cheerful with chicken

To the vegetarians reading this article – don’t be disheartened, we aren’t leaving you out. EAT @ CENTRAL offer something for every one. Though they provide an, albeit small, veggie menu. It is a delicious range including a breakfast veggie sausage and hash brown flatbread for the small price of only £2. Or, how about a scrumptious veggie burger served on a bed of lettuce, tomato and mayo? On its own its £2.60, but if you feel like a challenge, turn it into a meal deal with fries and a large drink for only £3.85.

You workaholics sat there reading this shouldn’t fret either. Joined onto our little hidden gem is sofa seating if you want to relax, but also seating at tables so you can do some studying if you’re feeling really dedicated. Plus, there’s a small computer cluster with printers if you want to work through your lunch or prepare for your upcoming lecture.

If it’s been an incredibly rough day, you’re just opposite Mens Bar, so you can always finish it with a chicken snack pot and a decent drink in a relaxed and chilled atmosphere. Otherwise, there is always the Starbucks inside the Union if you want to be more ‘white girl’ than ‘white girl wasted.’ A hot drink for the cold walk home cannot be beaten.

There is no question about it. For the delicious food and the low price, even your student budget agrees this is a bargain. It never fails to make a bleak day that little bit brighter.

Beaten by the snack pot