#TigerWednesdays night to end

See ya


#TigerWednesdays, the Wednesday night event at Tiger Tiger will be ending.

It’s been in operation weekly since September 2014, and is one of the most popular nights for sports societies.

An announcement was posted on the event’s Facebook page last night:

“It’s with a heavy heart that we announce our departure. The team that brought you #TigerWednesdays have parted ways with Tiger Tiger for good.”

“The brand we know and love (and on Thursdays hate) is no longer in operation, after disagreements with the venue.”

Tiger will still open but the current team and the #TigerWednesdays that has been there since Sep 2014 won’t be involved.

One of the former event managers, Adam, said: “For us, it was all about having a laugh and working with a group of our mates to put on a ridiculous party.

“Granted, we weren’t the best at it, but everyone that came down enjoyed it and we all will miss it every week. On the positive side, we’ll lose our phones, keys and dignities a lot less often.

“After we got the boot a fake email was sent out from ‘[email protected]’ – clearly not us – as anyone who knows us knows we were far more personal than using a ‘promotions@’ email address.

“We don’t know who it is that’s pretending to be us, but we’d appreciate it if you stopped trying to leverage the brand loyalty we have built for your own personal gain.”

Third year student Tom said: “I thought vodka and I would grow old together on Tiger’s dancefloor, I planned my whole life around Tiger Wednesdays. Once my degree had finished I was going to take a year to find myself in the white room.

“My gap year won’t be the same.”