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People in Manchester are the third most likely to have sex this Valentine’s Day

New research shows that Manchester has a big appetite for sex this year

Wednesdays are usually known as hump day – just want the weekend to begin.

According to new research from Superdrug, where you live affects how keen you are for mid-week Valentine's sex this year. They asked 2,000 Brit's to understand whether Valentine’s Day falling mid week would impact people’s appetite for sex and the steps partners would be taking to get their other halves in the mood.

86 per cent of people in Manchester and York admitted they would have sex on Valentine's Day, putting them in the top 5 cities in the UK for having sex.

Liverpool came first in the survey, with 88 per cent admitting to having sex this Wednesday, and Aberdeen came last with 37 per cent.

It also found that sex was likely to be shorter by eight minutes in mid-week sessions than sessions on the weekend.

The most common way people admitted to seducing their partners was with a 'secret language' (54 per cent) and 'secret signs' (48 per cent). The most used euphemism in the nation is 'hanky panky'.

Sexpert Alix Fox said: "People use indirect nicknames for intercourse for a variety of reasons: perhaps so as not to alert the kids as to what mum and dad are discussing.

"Perhaps because straightforwardly suggesting sex seems too embarrassing or clinical; maybe because sharing special cheeky, private terminology together can be cute and enhance a couple's sense of togetherness and shared experience."

Don't worry if you are alone on Valentine's – there's still time to go out and get laid tonight.