The day a little rogue Chihuahua turned up at our door

When your dreams literally come true

A strong, independent Chihuahua surprised a second year house last week when he turned up outside their door on Parsonage Road.

One of the housemates was taking the bins out but when he returned to the kitchen he found a collarless dog in there roaming free.

Ten minutes later, two of the female residents of 152 Parsonage Road came home, then the selfies and snapchats began.

They told The Tab: “We all just molly coddled it for about six hours.”

The residents called the council who said the Dog Warden would be able to come and collect him… the following day.

The new dog owners decided it was probably time to name him. They said: “First he was doggy, then it was Mojo”

So after this news, they decided it was probably time to feed their new tenant.

A couple of them went to the shop to get some dog food, whilst at the same time the remaining housemates took to the streets to see find out if anyone was looking for a lost dog.

To the owner’s joy (and the student’s dismay), he was returned unharmed and with his own little adventure to tell.