Holocaust joke sparks fury

‘Gold teeth’ makes controversial reference in Facebook advert

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A Manchester club night came under fire last week after it used a joke about the Holocaust in one of its adverts.

Gold Teeth, hosted at The Deaf Institute, had created a spoof ‘Manchester Dictionary’ for its freshers night.

Among the phrases included was ‘Get Gassed’, which apparently means ‘Gallows humour used in final hours around the concentration camps of Nazi Germany’.

The reference provoked a strong response from the university’s Jewish society: “We are appalled that one of the best known club nights would use such inappropriate, vulgar and offensive terms to advertise their night”.

A slightly less controversial dictionary

But Marcus Horsley, a representative of Gold Teeth, defended the reference.

“If we remove humour from remembrance of the Holocaust, we forget that the people killed were in fact human beings with stories, loves and jokes”.

‘Get gassed’ has since been removed from the dictionary that advertised the night out on Facebook.