50 of the best Harry Potter memes to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary

Harry Potter recently celebrated its 20th anniversary – feel old yet?

November 16, 2021, marked 20 years since the first film in the Harry Potter franchise – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – was released.

With eight amazing films, a spin-off prequel film series, and a two-part play at London’s West End, the Wizarding World has been a beloved part of most, if not all, of our childhoods (although for some reason I still know people who haven’t watched the films – you know who you are). And let’s be real: we have all completed at least one Harry Potter quiz to find out what Hogwarts house we belong to.

Lucky for us, the Harry Potter franchise does not stop there. It was announced recently that the original cast will feature in a retrospective at the start of next year called Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. But as if this wasn’t enough to celebrate the 20th anniversary, The London Tab collected some of the best Harry Potter memes to mark the occasion.

1. If only she had headphones to pretend to listen to music and ignore Hermione

2. And the award for most out of context meme goes to… (P.S. does anyone else hear the music playing in their head)

3. Spot the difference, extra difficult edition…I can’t unsee this now

4. That feeling when you realise you’re not as young as you used to be

5. Who knew listening to the words of a spell could actually tell you what it does?

6. Cedric deserved better

7. Humans can be such a simple species sometimes

8. Shoutout to anyone who still can’t grow a moustache during Movember

9. Back when the most stressful thing in life was trying to make sure your mum didn’t see the light from your console under your bedroom door

10. Felt bad for Neville man…he really earned those 10 house points after that

11. Real main character energy here

12. We were all too young and innocent to think like this when we first watched the film

13. We all wish we could’ve learnt this magic spell

14. I’m sorry but what on earth are these pictures

15. That moment of fear when you see the drunk texts you sent the night before

16. Love that for Dobby

17. Ummmm if you shipped Snape and Hermione what were you thinking??

18. Well once IS better than twice

19. Smooth Ron, very smooth. Although Hermione doesn’t look too impressed for now

20. So which exam personality are you?

21. This one’s a violation. Dobby does not deserve this

22. Now this is a good one. Voldemort deserves this

23. Maybe Snape was a bit colourblind?

24. Poor Ron just can’t catch a break, he just wants to enjoy Hogwarts in peace

25. Hermione should’ve just given up, quidditch players will be quidditch players

26. Ginny would’ve never allowed this

27. I mean this stuff doesn’t happen in real life but valid points still

28. Remember that day when almost all social media was down? If only we had Mrs Weasley to give them a stern talking to

29. When Squid Games and the Tri-Wizard Tournament unite


30. What would have happened to them without Hermione? She really carried them throughout the films

31. No decimals here please, only fractions

32. Translation: “I find that we don’t talk enough about the biggest glow down of all time”. It’s hard to remember that Voldemort was actually good looking as a Hogwarts student

33. Harry? More like Hairry

34. Ron is smart in his own way

35. Well, Lupin’s not wrong

36. Don’t worry everyone, her son is named Albus too

37. How have I not realised this until now? Saving the world is definitely not an excuse to forget to change your shirt

38. Dumbledore is a real savage

39. This was all of us after being stuck in lockdown for who knows how long


40. The French version is a personal favourite

41. Oh what a shame…

42. Anyone else find this version of Voldemort creepy the first time watching the film or was it just me?

43. Honestly an easy mistake to make

44. Didn’t even need a full second to come to that conclusion

45. If only Tom Riddle had a Nokia instead of some flimsy book

46. Sorting hat worries: Voldemort family edition

47. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

48. Plot twist: you are the last Horcrux

49. Whoever was the set designer for Squid Game was really channelling Umbridge vibes

50. Last but not least, some true nostalgia for us all

Well, now it’s time to go and have a Harry Potter movie marathon to relive the magic. Happy 20th anniversary!

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