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Ramsay Hall had a makeover this summer and it’s not gross anymore

If there’s a god, let me glo-up as well as Ramsay did

It's the one you've all been waiting for: the Ramsay Hall common room has been unveiled after a summer of renovations. We sent an intrepid reporter into the infamous UCL halls to see what the new common room looks like – and it's a far cry from what we've grown used to over the years.

This is the old Ramsay common room post-party – which understandably puts it into slightly more of a state of disarray than usual:

And this is the new Ramsay common room:

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Note the shiny new floors and colourful beanbags. They just scream "how do you do, fellow kids."

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Beanbags as far as the eye can see

There are quite a few swanky lamps, which definitely won't get broken as freshers swarm their new home for the year.

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If Mark from Peep Show was a common room

Ramsay was originally destined to close for the academic year for a full makeover, but it was announced earlier this summer that it would remain open at least until June 2019. It has been alleged that the continued opening is due to a shortage of other accommodation for this year's freshers.