S Club to headline Freshers’ Ball

There’s some Radio One blokes too

Pop-Loving freshers are elated with the news that the remainder of S Club 7 will be performing at the Freshers’ Ball.

S Club 3 will be gracing the Ministry of Sound Stage on October 8.

The band has shrivelled into an ageing reflection of past success, but Jo O’Meara, 36, Bradley McIntosh, 33, and Tina Barrett, 38, are looking to bring it all back to the 90s for one more night.


You alright Paul?

They’re joined by BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills and Chris Stark who will offer a more vibesy repertoire to satiate the edgier portion of the crowd.

We all know there ain’t no party like an S Club party – but it would appear this year’s fresher bouncing rhythms will be coming from the Radio 1 disc jockeys, and not the washed out pop has-beens.

Cover your ears freshers

Geography fresher Raph Hage was excited by the news, saying “they’re clearly strapped for cash but it should be a decent night.”

Tom PK said: “I saw one of them in Tiger Tiger Croydon the other week, their career can’t be going that well can it.”