Tired of the bus? We designed Liverpool’s own tube network

Mind the gap between the train and the platform

For too long Liverpool students have been relying on buses. Well, not for much longer! We all know what’s better than buses – yes, trains. Specifically trains underground.

Reports suggest that Liverpool has some of the worst air quality in the UK, and some of that could be down to the heavy reliance the city has on its buses and roads.

Now we know that Liverpool already has it’s own underground and overground rail system, but we’re talking about a TFL-esque Tube system here to keep the city going.

However, how could the city pull off such a feat of engineering with the needs of students at heart? What could that possibly look like?

Without further ado, I present to you, the new and improved Liverpool Underground:

The Purple Line

Matching the colour of Liverpool’s iconic wheelie bins, the Purple Line is at the pulse of student life in Liverpool. Furthermore, with a connection from the city centre all the way to Smithdown, the Purple Line is your lifeline to see all the sights and sounds the city has to offer.

Instead of catching the 699 down Smithdown Road, you could hop on the Purple Line to uni. The Purple Line will be buzzing with students making their way onto campus via the Abercromby Square interchange. However, the trip might not be long enough to get the seminar reading done before reaching class.

Forget about running for the bus! We’ve got you covered at Abercromby Square.

It’s not all about classes, however, because the Purple Line is also committed to keeping your social life on track (if you pardon the pun). Forget about taking an Uber down into town for a night out, the Purple Line provides a direct route from the centre of Smithdown all the way into Bold Street – ideal for a night out.

The Red Line

The Red Line is a saving grace for Kensington-based students. By connecting Kensington to uni, the Red Line serves as a useful connection for many students in the city. You’ll be glad to hear the relief of your non-Kensington friends who will be able to brave the journey up to ‘Kenno’ thanks to the tube links between uni and Smithdown. Hoorah! Kensington has been successfully put back on the map!

Furthermore, it’s time to say hello to a connection to the Baltic Triangle. Instead of walking into no-man’s land for a night out at 24 Kitchen Street or Camp and Furnace, you can safely hop on the tube and head back home after a long night of boogying.

The Green Line

A spine of the (fictional) Liverpool Underground network, the Green Line provides a useful connection from the riverside all the way through Kensington, Smithdown to Sefton Park and Lark Lane.

The often awkward journey from Smithdown to Kensington is no longer an inconvenience thanks to the Green Line. Furthermore, the Green Line connects most of Liverpool’s student areas with a number of student halls also hooked up to the network at Greenbank and London Road.

Hop off the train, then have a pint at the Brookie

I’ve often heard the cries that Lark Lane is nice, but too out of the way. Well, no more! On the Green Line you can hop down to Lark Line with ease in order to enjoy a nice brunch or a stroll around one of Liverpool’s most quaint neighbourhoods.

Usefully, the Green Line also provides a connection to Liverpool Lime Street station, if you dare to leave the city.

The Yellow Line

Branded with the same colour as the infamous Beatles’ submarine, the Yellow Line which looks slightly more on the orange side, moves south to north, following the flow of the River Mersey. Beginning in the Baltic, the Yellow Line will connect the Arena dockside to Bold Street. From here, the line moves northwards past Moorfields station to the northerly docks of Liverpool. At Stanley Dock, you can hop out for the likes of Invisible Wind Factory, Meraki or another warehouse dive.

From here, the Yellow Line carries us past Everton Brow, Liverpool’s ideal sunset vista, before finishing its service in the heart of Liverpool football: Anfield and Goodison Park. However, due to the fierce rivalry, a decision was taken to separate the two clubs to avoid confrontation between the supporters of both Liverpool and Everton on the trains.

A link from The Baltic to Bold Street will be good news for the city’s most insufferable hipsters

All Aboard!

Yes, this may all be highly fictionalised, but why not dare to dream about more efficient transportation? The future could be bright for Liverpool, and you never know, we could be seeing TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois trainspotting at the Smithdown Junction Underground station sometime soon.