VOTE NOW: The final Liverpool BNOC of the Year

It’s time to decide

So the votes have been counted and verified from the three heats and we can now reveal the three winners from each of the three heats. Please get voting to crown this years ultimate BNOC (the poll can be found at the bottom of the page.

Matt Devitt, Second Year, Business Management

Known more commonly to his fans as "The Matt Devitt”. His bright blonde quiff makes him easy to spot in any crowd. His fame has only grown from the early days of McNair hall at Carnatic. Perhaps his most notable BNOC moment was taking his shirt off to reveal a nike tick shave into his chest at a DJ Darkzy set. This moment was so class that it actually featured on the DJ's snapchat story.

Tom Milner, Fourth Year, Finance

AU president Tom Milner literally plays international rugby for Sweden and is massive Castleford Tigers fan. He's in his fifth year of uni and is refusing to leave Liverpool. Despite getting four teams promoted as Rugby president last year, he didn't actually win President of The Year (not that he's bitter). He also knows how to celebrate a win as demonstrated below.

Hugo Clark, Second Year, Geology

Hugo has come a long way since his pre uni life at an all boys school. He has attained full BNOC status after spent an entire year with BNOC in his Facebook name and securing a job with Cool It! Liverpool. Known to the masses for consistently wearing fishnets to raves.