What do you think of the new 5p plastic bags?

‘Just AWFUL’

This week, a law was passed that means we now have to pay 5p for plastic bags in shops.

We took to campus to hear your views and explore whether our students believe it will help the environment.

Responses were heavily divided…

Hannah Winearls, first year, Law and Philosophy student

”Oh it’s disgraceful! Just awful. I am not happy about this new law… I mean I didn’t even know! I went to Tesco before and I only found out when they asked me to charge the plastic bag! So inconvenient! It won’t really bring a positive effect, maybe a subtle change but not for long…”


Lucia Sous, third year, English

”I definitely agree with this – we use way too much plastic! It will bring a positive impact for sure. It all starts with your daily life at home, when you start becoming more eco-friendly!”


Elisabeth Abernathy,  Post-graduate, Archaeology student

”I think it’s something normal to do! I come from the U.S and I believe it’s very interesting to introduce this law, everyone can bring their own bags and be more eco-friendly. They have also used this rule in my home country in most of the shops there, so it’s good.”


Daniel Thomson, fourth year, Business studies student

”I don’t really care actually. It will probably help the environment because less people will use free plastic ones and bring their own bags.”


Patrick Sayers, First year, History and Politics student

”I think it’s something very annoying and people will have to start organising before shopping now. But, hopefully it will bring a positive result, eventually!”


Yasmin Gasimova, Second year, Computer Science student

”I think it’s a great idea. We use far too much plastic and recycle far too little. It certainly encouraged me to bring my own bag when shopping. It won’t have any substantial immediate effect but at least it’s a small step into creating a more environmentally aware culture.”


Emily Summers, Second year, Psychology student

”It’s something very good for the environment but annoying and inconvenient for the people. However, it will certainly bring a positive result in the end.”


Daniel Lee- Williams, Sociology, Second year

”It’s the right thing to do and we all know it! I always try to re-use as much as I can and be eco-friendly. In Wales we have had this law for a few years now and it’s working great. I think it’ll bring an impact to the environment over the time.”


Arun Ajikumar, second year, Politics and Philosophy student

”I honestly don’t care. I always use my own shopping bags anyway… and no I can’t see any positive impacts.”


Claudia Wentworth, third year, Communications, Media and Popular Music student

”I think it’s fair charging for bags in supermarkets because we overuse them. I’m a little wary of the charge in retail where you’re buying into the brand and so maybe you shouldn’t be paying an extra premium for the luxury of carrying your items out of the shop. But if it makes people stop being so wasteful and makes more people reuse their old bags I guess the 5p charge is a good thing.”