Takeaway owner swaps burger buns for guns

A takeaway owner has joined the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq

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 A Liverpool takeaway owner has returned to his homeland Iraq to fight Islamic State fundamentalists.

Mohammed Adubullah is helping the Peshmerga forces battle the IS extremists who are behind the recent shock beheadings of journalists James Foley and David Haines.

The takeaway owner told Sky News he is just as comfortable handling a Kalashnikov rifle as he is running a shop.

The takeaway manager was pictured by next to a military tank.

Mr Abudullah said: “Actually, I’ve got a British passport, I’ve got everything, I’ve got a life there.”

“I don’t need anything but I’m here just for Kurdistan, for Kurdish people, for my family. I don’t care if I get killed or not.”

Mr Abudullah took film footage of the battle with ISIS in which the Peshmerga are barricaded in a doorway as guns are fired nearby.

The retail owner said, “My friends have been killed next to me. If people were killed next to you, you are going to be happy? No”

“That’s why I feel I need to fight here. I’ll fight here until I’m going to die. I don’t mind. Just my people, are going to be free.”

It has not yet been confirmed which takeaway Mr Abdullah owns.