UoL Foxes Launch Naked Calendar

UoL’s finest cheerleaders bare all for The Tab as we get a sneak preview of their raunchy naked calendar.

cheerleaders foxes naked naked calendar the foxes

Liverpool Foxes have given The Tab a sneak peek at their first ever naked charity calendar.

The calendar, due to be released on Monday, December 9, sees the girls get their kit off in order to raise money for ‘Coppa Feel’.

The Foxes in their cheerleading gear

The cheerleaders are raising awareness for the breast cancer charity ‘Coppa Feel’, which encourages women to regularly check their breasts for any early signs of breast cancer – which The Tab is all in favour of!


Fund-raising secretary Kelly Williams said: “We just think raising awareness is just as important as raising money with something like breast cancer.

“It effects everyone in some way, not necessarily getting cancer yourself but through a relative or friend. If we can raise awareness and warn women to look out for simple signs that could save their lives then we’re happy.”

The calendar will be on sale from Monday, December 9 and will cost just £7 (that’s technically  £0.58 for totty each month, and who can complain about that?).

If you want one, get in touch with your nearest cheerleader! They can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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